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Safe Wheels Australia

In conjunction with Goblin Hammer Games, we have created some great new content for Safe Wheels Victoria, Bosch and VicRoads. Our tech artist put together some great VR environments to show off the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Predictive Emergency Braking Systems (PEBS) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) automatic braking system. You can have a look when you next see the Safe Wheel’s trailer at expos.

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Air Raider

A shoot’em up, bullet hell mobile game, where the player must defend their base from incoming waves of enemies.

It was prototyped over the course of a month, in which basic movement, combat, and upgrades were developed. Development of this game is now on hold.

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Flight Manager – Thales Internship

Over the course of 6 months, we developed an air traffic control simulator for Thales Australia. This cumulated to us showing off the game at the Australian International Airshow.

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